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Ridtype Pro - Font Family

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What's New :

  • Modfify the upper & lower case letters a bit
  • Make a good kernig in Thin Version
  • Update Matrix for Thin & Bold Version

Rdty.p/v.2/T-29-Aug-2023 last Update.

Ridtype Pro is a custom font for our brand, and later this font will work in all roles in the type of brand we use. both in units of typography, printing, and type texting. This font is equipped with a modern semi-classic category type, so this font can work in all lines of business, both for supporters of implementation in modern and classic business.

This font has been designed as best as possible, both in terms of letter design and the type of weight that is made to be compatible in all roles.

  • Details Font : Sans Serif Modern
  • Release : 19/ July/ 2023
  • Version : Vol 2.0

Thanks for your support of our product, and using it in your project.

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OTF, TTF, WOFF1&2 (Variable Font) varibale Not include for Basic License


Ridtype Pro - Font Family

0 ratings
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